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How to Install WordPress on (2020)

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Install WordPress on 000webhost

How to Install WordPress on

To Install WordPress on which is explained in a very detailed manner in the below post:

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an unrestricted, an open-source content management system created on PHP & MySQL. Features consist of a plugin structural design and a pattern system (Template System). It is best related to blogging but additionally manages other kinds of web content containing more customary mailing lists and mediums, media arcades, and online stocks.

The explanation for Beginners?

WordPress is the modest, simplest, and most widely used technique to construct your own website or blog. In real fact, WordPress influences over 33. 6% of all the websites on the Internet world. Yes, more than one in four websites that you usually visitor use are probably created by WordPress.

On a to some extent more methodological level, WordPress is an open-source content management system approved by GPLv2, which allows everyone and anyone can practice or adapt the WordPress software for permitted.

A content management system is fundamentally a gizmo that creates it informal to accomplish significant characteristics of your website — like contented — without demanding to be familiar with whatever thing about programming. The conclusion is that WordPress creates a website reachable to anyone — even persons who aren’t creators or developers.

Here we discuss the wide-ranging guide for WordPress and 000webhost 2019

Though, if you’re a beginner and want to make yourself well-to-do with numerous gradations of web development, it is necessary for the discussion that WordPress is in progress and offered in 2003.

It was propelled as a mode to make it at ease to enhance content to websites deprived of necessitating knowing any code or programming. Yes, that’s true; you don’t need to be familiar with any code in edict to generate a website with WordPress! And in this bit by bit WordPress tutorial, we will demonstrate how stress-free it is to make one!

In the meantime formerly, WordPress has progressed to the leading self-hosting website formation tool in the whole world, used on millions of sites and realized by tens of billions of people every single day. Nowadays, about 74.6 million websites are contingent on WordPress.

So whatever is the intention for such an interminably increasing attractiveness of WordPress?

  • As it is discussed above that WordPress is open-source software, which revenues that it can be spontaneously used, transformed, or improved by any person.
  • Even though WordPress on the go out as a blogging organism, it has currently one of the most dominant content management systems. WordPress permits you to enhance plugins, themes, and widgets that can support you to construct any kind of site you want: a business website, an online store, or a membership site can be straightforwardly generated with WordPress.
  • It’s easy to acquire for the reason that there are thousands of tutorials and guides available on the internet in the form of pictures, videos, and written form casing every characteristic and feature of this CMS.

The detail that you do not want any coding familiarity to use WordPress is boundless. But if you eternally choose to take a fluctuate at it consuming a self-hosted WordPress website will let you enhance your identifiable PHP code, transform your theme by expending CSS, make straight modifications to your site by implementing MySQL inquiries in the database and much added.

by now you must be committed that WordPress is the right excellent for your website or blog. Deprived of thrashing from place to place the scrubland, let’s get in full swing with the WordPress tutorial for 000webhost.

We also equipped a bit by bit WordPress video tutorial guide on how to create an unrestricted WordPress website on 000webhost.

Installing WordPress on 000webhost

Installing WordPress on 000webhost

Installing WordPress on 000webhost is categorically the exact way to go since 000webhost is a user-friendly and free website hosting service you won’t have to devote a dime on web introducing, which is very significant when you are just opening with your website.

And above your head all, site up Word Press on 000webhost is modest and even a learner can grip it professionally. The easy-to-use crossing point makes the whole fixing an even procedure. So, let’s see how you can organize it.

The installation procedure can be accomplished either through the well-known WordPress five-minute installer (grasp tutorial on how to install WordPress yourself) or over and done with 000webhost auto-installer. Follow these directions to set up WordPress complete auto-installer:

  1. Right to use your 000webhost app and click INSTALL NOW further down Build WordPress Website.
  2. Connect the Install button and the installation procedure will originate.
  3. Once the installation is accomplished, knockout Go to WordPress configuration page button.
  4. Select your language and press the Continue button.
  5. On the following next screen enter the name of your site and the proprietor information administrator details. Come to an end by clicking Install WordPress.

Click on the given link to watch a video tutorial on how to install word press.

How to Manage a WordPress Website

As you can now understand WordPress setting up is a forthright procedure. Specifically on 000webhost! In the ensuing WordPress tutorial division, you will discover out how to accomplish or manage a WordPress website.

How to Access the WordPress Dashboard

Now after the installation process is accomplished, you will be promoted directly to the WordPress administrator console or dashboard. Any other time or far ahead you will have to use one of the following URLs right to use WordPress admin area:


here in URL, Your site means what so ever name you have selected for your website should be used further to get access to your website.

You will need to use the WordPress administrator credentials you have entered during installation in order to access the dashboard.

If you forget the password, you may reset it by pressing the Lost your password? button.

how to install wordpress on


Now if you already have a 000webhost account then you simply need to Log In! otherwise, you need to create a new account by entering your email id select a password and Sign Up.

After signing up you will get an email for confirmation simply go to your inbox and confirm your account.

installing wordpress- magicwithwp

After confirmation 000webhost will verify your account



After verifying your account Click on get started and let’s start and develop your own website, blog, online store, or whatever you wanted to.

The next step is you need to choose your desired goal if you want to create a web design click on it or if you want to start a blog then select it.

experience of wordpress

Then you will be asked your experience to select if you are a beginner.

my wordpress website

After all the processes you will get this o your screen then click on create a new site.

new website


Select a web name or its optional you can leave it. the server itself selects one for you by default.

Click Create.

How to Manage a WordPress Website

Now you can see and experience that WordPress installation is a direct process. Specifically on 000webhost! In the succeeding WordPress tutorial segment, you will catch out on how to accomplish a WordPress website.

my websites- magicwithwp

Now you will see your website after that now you can manage your website by clicking on manage website.

cms- magicwithwp

When you see this on your computer screen. The next step towards your website is to click on the Build WordPress website.

installing wordpress

Click Install after filling up the following username and admin password.

installing wordpress

Log on to Website DashBoard.:

Click the button Go to Configuration Page.

Right after the installation procedure is finalized; you will be promoted straight to the WordPress administrator dashboard. Later at any time, you will have to practice one of the following URLs to access the WordPress admin area:


You must need to use WordPress administrator identifications you have entered throughout installation in order to entree the dashboard.

If you disremember the password, you may retune it by persuasive the Lost your password? Button.

wordpress dashboard

Above all the images is a step by step tutorial which shows how to create your website now after this you can easily customize your website without knowing any type of coding.

Traversing in WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard is made to support you and manage your web site. You will see the Welcome to WordPress segment at the top of the page. In this segment, you can rapidly right to use the whole thing you need to start off with WordPress, corresponding writing your very first blog or accumulation of an about page, or observing your site, or handling widgets, comments, etc. If Welcome to WordPress is not there or you removed it accidentally, go to Screen Options on your upper right-hand crook and then checked Welcome.

You’ll see numerous additional sections on the administrator home page:

  • At a Glance indicates which theme tune you are running or using, the number of posts and pages you have and further recent actions and activities.
  • another segment is the Quick Draft to be used when you need to enhance a rapid quick post. Though you will not catch the several configuring topographies or features that you will get in the posts segment this is a quick rapid method of generating a draft post.
  • The activity box demonstrates the newest posts and comments.
  • On the WordPress News box, you can get the latest news connected to WordPress.

In excess of on the left of your screen, you have the leading navigation bar that you will use to develop all over the place your WordPress dashboard.

Main Setting of WordPress

Let’s have a look at the straightforward settings you need to distinguish to use your WordPress site. So here  when you go down and check to Settings on the navigation bar, you will see:

  • General. Now you can transform the main URL, the time zone, the heading title, and the explanation of your website.
  • Writing. In this unit, you can format your evasion category and post format. Like you want to stand up to the posts via email? Organize this feature here.
  • Reading. Here at this point, you can select How the front page looks like: whether it will demonstrate the latest post or a static page. You can also control a number of blog pages that are shown and whether your visitors will see the full post or just an instantaneous summary.
  • Discussion. In this segment, you can arrange settings, connected to comments. You can twitch by setting avoidance comment settings.
  • Media. In this sector, you can adjust the default image size and pick the way you want your files systematized.
  • Permalinks. Permalinks permit you to switch the URL arrangement of your posts.


How to Post Your First Post


How to Post Your First Post

One of the numerous reimbursements of WordPress is that it’s tremendously stress-free to publish new content by accumulating new posts.

To produce a new post, click the Add New button under the Posts unit. You will discover yourself on a contented creator page which looks a lot like any word processor.

The editor segment comes in two tabs: the graphical or you can say visual, and the manuscript or text view. The visual view displays the text as it would seem on the completed page and the text view will display you the post in HTML arrangement.

When you start writing about your post at the Right above the Block segment, there is a post corrector or editor toolbar that will assist you arrangement your post. It has a diversity of structures, for example:

Bold (bold your text),

italic (italicize your text),

underline (underline the desired text),

add media (here you can insert photos and videos to your post),

HTML tags

text alignment and many others


Updated on 14 January 2020.

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